SA Extreme Boerboel Kennels was established in 2013, registered with SABT / SABBA (SABBS)

We as SA Extreme Boerboel Kennels will stay focused on our breeding program.

We are proud of each and every Boerboel and love them with all our heart.
Remember look after them and they will look after you, a dog is your best friend,

Love them and they will love you back and that goes with any other animals

We have a passion for all our animals; they are our first priority, we have so much love to offer them. Our Boerboels is part of the family Prince is like a child to us.
It all started with Prince our Male Boerboel that showed us how much love and protection a Boerboel can offer, we have agreed that breeding is what we want to do, for the love of the animal and to keep the original Boerboel as pure as possible, and to give each puppy the best home because that is what any animal deserve.