Q: What color Boerboels do you get?

A: Yellow, Brown, Brindle and Val - Original Breed Standard. SABT/SABBS accept the Black dog as well as the Piebald.


Q: Are Boerboels good with children?

A: Yes ! However with any breed of dog, early socialization and training are required. Generally the South African Boerboel is a loving family dog that wants to be included in the family life..... not just thrown out in the backyard with no attention.


Q : How big will my Boerboel get?

A: Height: Males 25 - 28 inches (64 - 70 cm)  Females 23 - 25.5 inches (59 - 65 cm) Weight: 154 - 220 pounds (70 - 110 kg)


Q: Exercise... How much?

A: Boerboels are a unique ,they are athletic, active and need plenty of exercise. If they have a large yard to run and play ball, great but if not they need at least one long daily walk.


Q: How much should I feed my Boerboel?

A: This depends on; 1. How much exercise does your boerboel get? 2. What type of diet are you feeding your boerboel? 3. Boerboels size and age can also play a factor. We feed all of our adults and puppy Boerboels "Royal Canin & Jock " which is a great all stages food.


Q: Grooming... Coat maintenance?

A: Boerboels are fairly easy to groom. Bathe occasionally or if they get into something stinky! Boerboels are average shedders. Main things to remember are regular ear cleanings (especially if they are around dirt/dust) and having their nails clipped regularly


Q: Does SA Extreme Boerboel kennels dock their puppies tails?

A: Yes / No depending on the new owners choice.


Q: Does SA Extreme Boerboel kennels remove dew claws or micro-chip?

A: No we don't remove dew claws. ( On request yes for additional fee) Yes we do micro-chip your puppy for no additional fee.


Q: Are South African Boerboels good guardians?

A: Yes. They have a strong guarding instinct. More often than not they are a watchful dog that will let you know when there is someone or something on your property or even close.


Q: What type of training is required with the Boerboel?

A: We recommend early puppy training, followed by a basic obedience course. It is important to what is acceptable and what is not when they are young (8-16 weeks). Boerboels are an eager to please. However they are also incredibly strong and can be strong willed so training is important. You don't wants to have a 100+ Kg dog that is not under control.