Appraisal and Registration

SABBA proudly guards and continuously strives to set standards to enhance and promote the Boerboel breed. The Association's Constitution provides comprehensive guidelines for members towards meeting these objectives. One of the most common misrepresentations is the advertising of Boerboel puppies as 'registered'. Many potential owners do not know that SABBA will register a Boerboel only after it has been appraised on individual merit, and not pedigree. SABBA’s recommended age for appraisal is 18 months, but the Association accepts dogs of 12 months for appraisal. To be eligible for appraisal a dog must have a birth certificate (not to be confused with the eventual registration certificate). On SABBA's advice, responsible breeders will not even issue birth certificates for puppies that obviously will not meet the breed standard criteria. The birth certificate contains five generations' lineage information. However, appraisers do not receive this information on appraisal days. Their focus and task is to assess whether the dog has the qualities to attain the minimum point of 75% for registration as a Boerboel.


Dogs that point 85% or higher qualify for entry into the SABBA stud register. The Association also unequivocally opposes breeding with dogs that receive less than 75%, as their offspring cannot be registered. Breeders who use the services of a dog belonging to another breeder should insist on a service certificate from that breeder. Two to three appraisers (one must have senior status) will assess a dog brought into the 'ring' for appraisal. They do this strictly according to the official appraisal chart, which lists no less than 12 main divisions, and 72 characteristics that must be assessed. The more comprehensive appraisal control sheet, read in conjunction with the terminology sketch, will also help owners understand the appraisal process and pre-assess the qualities of their dogs. SABBA hosts appraisal days in South Africa, as well as in the USA and Europe throughout the year. First time Boerboel owners may find it worthwhile to attend one of these days before presenting their own dogs for appraisal. These events also offer ideal opportunities to meet other owners and breeders. The dates of appraisal days appear under Programme, which also carries the current year’s results. For the previous year, consult Results. These pages provide valuable information on how the offspring from the various Boerboel studs performed at their appraisals.





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