Vaginal hyperplasia

The two most important genetic conditions that breeders must manage responsibly in their breeding programmes, are vaginal hyperplasia (VH) and hip dysplasia (HD).

There are three grades of vaginal hyperplasia:

Grade 1: No tissue protrudes from the vulva, and only an internal examination can confirm the condition.
Grade 2: Fleshy pink tissue protrudes from the vulva.
Grade 3 (vaginal prolapse): The entire vaginal lining is enlarged and protrudes from the vulva.

SABBA recommends that breeders use bitches with a VH grading of Grade 1 or better, in their breeding programmes. Grade 1 is also the criterion for entry in the stud register. The Association further recommends that buyers and breeders always insist on a copy of a bitch’s VH examination report when buying a puppy, or servicing a dog. A registered veterinarian should do examinations for vaginal hyperplasia during the heat cycle – preferably between day 8 and 13.

Vaginal hyperplasia examination report

Further reading on vaginal hyperplasia and other genetic conditions: Pretorius A. The Boerboel – South Africa’s own. 2007.





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